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ABC: Testimonials

What are people saying about ABC?

Last fall we moved our four-year-old daughter from the daycare she had started at just 4 months old, to ABC Preschool. I was afraid that the transition would be difficult for her, but I could not have been more wrong. Everyone made her feel instantly accepted and loved. The staff are qualified, kind, patient and extremely friendly. They know all the parents’ names, are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you have, no matter how chaotic pick-up time can be. My daughter has absolutely blossomed under their tutelage! I have been consistently surprised by how much she learns every day and how much FUN she has doing it. She comes home every day with a folder full of projects and stories about her day. When she talks about her teachers and friends her entire face lights up. It’s always then that I remind myself what a great decision we made starting her at ABC. I could not possibly say enough good things about the school. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a preschool in the Brewer area!

“Our son has been a happy student at ABC Preschool since 2014. He is currently in the Pre-K program, and loving every minute. He has grown so much in the past few years from learning his letters and numbers, to how to share and be a good friend. He has gained so much self confidence with all the new skills, it's truly amazing to see. We love hearing about and seeing all the activities he does at school. There is no better feeling than knowing he is in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. The teachers have been so accommodating; especially with concern to our son's food allergies. We can not thank them enough for all they do on a daily basis. We are so thankful for ABC Preschool.”

— Megan Kivell

"We have been very pleased with our daughter's experience at ABC. Ms. Melanie and her staff have been exceptionally professional and have a rich understanding of early childhood education. ABC effectively and purposefully communicates with us and the progress she has made. Her safety and well-being clearly is one of ABC's top priorities and their ability to meet her academic, developmental and functional needs is exceptional. We have no doubt that our daughter is well prepared for her entry into her future schooling and ABC was a terrific partner in this process".

— Lindsay and Dan Chadbourne

"Both of my daughters have benefited significantly from their time at ABC Preschool, which is why I give my highest recommendation for this outstanding preschool. As a public educator, it is extremely important to me that my children are school-ready in all facets of development. They have both gained the academic knowledge required to be prepared for kindergarten, as well as, the social skills and confidence in order to thrive within their peer groups and in a school setting. ABC Preschool is an environment where young children can grow and develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Children at ABC Preschool learn through play, experimentation, art, music, movement, science, and world theme and early literacy activities. My daughters have always been happy to go to ABC Preschool where they are excited about learning and are loved and well cared for. The nurturing teachers and other care-givers at ABC Preschool are second to none. I’m grateful every day that ABC Preschool has been such a large part of my daughters’ lives.".

— Shannon Shaw

"ABC offers the perfect combination of love and learning to my children. In addition to that they provide fair and clear expectations for behavior which translates to a calm and peaceful environment where imagination is encouraged and learning is fun. It’s hard not to notice the thought, preparation, time, and experience that goes in to all of the projects that they do with these busy kids to get their minds active and fingers moving. ABC offers not only a great early education for their kids but in a place that also feels like home. ".

To all of the prospective parents of ABC Preschool, I highly recommend sending your child(ren) here. My son Patrick has been in the Tuesday/Thursday preschool program since the fall (2016), and I can honestly say it has been one of the best things for him. The teachers are attentive, encouraging and create an atmosphere where learning and fun coincide. Ms. Melanie and Ms. Gabby have filled such a wonderful and happy space in Patrick’s life. I feel so thankful that I chose to send him so that he could have this experience. He has gained confidence and learned so much since attending ABC. I feel this has prepared him to enter into the school system with the social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. I am truly sad that he won’t be staying with ABC longer. The teachers and school will be greatly missed.

— Kate Carey

"Our son started preschool at ABC in the summer of 2016 at the age of 3. As an only child he had limited interactions with peers of his age and had been delayed in some developmental areas. As parents, we were very concerned about our choice of preschool being able to aptly and attentively work with our child to assist in his development. The progress we saw from his time here has been exponential. Picking him up daily he was hardly able to contain his excitement and couldn’t wait to share his experiences at ABC Preschool. We’re very happy with the class size and ratio of students to teacher, and being centrally located in Brewer has been very convenient for our family. We would urge anyone considering daycare and preschool services for their young ones to visit ABC and their fantastic staff. We highly recommend the team!".

— Ben & Kara Smith

"My daughter has been at ABC for a few months now and I can't believe what she has accomplished. At one of the parent nights I was brought to tears by the singing and educational play that my daughter was able to show me. Her teachers know her and can tell when she's having an off day, and celebrate as much as I do when she has achieved something awesome. I only wish ABC had been on my radar for our oldest."

— Adair Family

"We could not be happier that we found ABC preschool! The environment is warm and welcoming and the teachers make you feel like you are part of the family. The preschool lessons are engaging and fun for little ones! Sophie is so proud of her work and is always coming home with art projects to share. She is always excited to go to school and is smiling when we pick her up. The daily communication is excellent and they share a monthly calendar so parents know what their children will be working on each day. We know that Sophie will be well prepared for kindergarten! We highly recommend ABC to anyone looking for an outstanding preschool or child care program! ".

— Paul & Samantha Pangburn

"We moved to Brewer over the summer from out of state, and immediately began a search for area schools to enroll our 3 year old daughter in. ABC preschool was highly recommended by a friend of ours, so we decided to check it out first. From the moment we entered the quaint classroom we knew we had to look no further. The incredible teachers go above and beyond to welcome and love these children. They are wildly creative with a wide variety of lessons, projects, learning games, songs and stories. We have been amazed at watching our child advance socially, surprised everyday with new things that she is learning, and overall so pleased with the programs that are offered and the personal attention given to every child. We don't feel like our daughter is just attending a class, we feel like we are all part of the ABC family and for that we are exceedingly grateful."

— Lowe Family